2016 Anglers Dream Rules and Regulations

Changes for 2016

All contestants will be included in the nomads division. All team memberships will be $40.
Tournament entry fees will be $125.      Tournament of Champions entry fee will be $200


Angler of the Year:

The top four teams in points in the Anglers Dream overall standings will qualify for angler of the year.

The top team in points in any division averages 5 to 14 boats will qualify

The top two teams in points in any division that averages 15 to 24 will qualify

The top three teams in points in any division that averages 25 to 34 points will qualify

The top four teams in total points in any single division that averages over 35 boats will qualify.

The winner will be determined by the highest finishing team in the tournament of champions from the list of qualified teams.

The Anglers of the Year will be awarded $500 and 2 plaques.


2016 Tournament of Champions Payback

       1st Place $10,000      
2nd Place $3,500
3rd Place $2,000
4th Place $1,500
5th Place $1,350
6th Place $1,200
7th Place $1,100
8th Place $1,050
9th Place $1,025
10th Place $1,000
11th Place $900
12th Place $ 800
13 thru 14 Place $700
15 thru 16 Place $600
 17 thru 20 Place $500

(Payback based on a average of 10 boat per qualifying events & 90 entries in the championship)



 Team Rules



1. SAFETY: Safe boating conduct must be observed at all times. Each competitor is required to wear a Coast Guard approved life preserver whenever the combustion engine is operating. All boats must be equipped with an ignition kill switch. A lanyard is to be attached to the boat kill switch and operator any time the combustion engine is operating. Violation of this rule shall be reason for disqualification.


2. SPORTSMANSHIP: Tournament competitors are expected to adhere to high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, safety and conservation. Any infraction of these fundamental sporting principles may be deemed cause for disqualification. Consumption of alcoholic beverages or illegal possession or use of a controlled substance during the tournament or tournament functions will be grounds for disqualification from that event and all further Anglers Dream events. Any contestants cited for a violation of state, marine, fishing or conservation laws will be disqualified.


3. TACKLE AND EQUIPMENT: Only artificial lures may be used. (No live or prepared bait will be allowed with the exception of pork strips, rinds, etc. Commercial fish attractants are allowed) Only one casting or spinning rod, 8’ maximum length may be used at any time. Any competitor found to have in his possession equipment or baits not permitted will be disqualified.


4. HORSEPOWER REGULATIONS: Only Boats and Motors that are in compliance with the B.I.A. horsepower rating will be allowed to participate.


5. BASIC BOAT EQUIPMENT: Every boat must have all r