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Entry Fee
udes Big Bass
Optional Side Pot $20 - 100% Paid Back
6 Qualifying Events
All Open Events

Director: Dave Bulow (815) 258-6687


2024 Division 4 
Madison, WI. Chain of Lakes

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2024 Schedule of Events Division 4 Madison, WI.

     Date                       Location                                     Ramp                                      Start  Time   

*June 15                     Lake Mendota                             Marshall Park                                    First Safe Light


*June 22                     Lake Monona                                   Olin Park                                        First Safe Light

*July 6                         Lake Monona                                   Olin Park                                        First Safe Light


*July 20                       Lake Mendota                             Marshall Park                                   First Safe Light

*Aug. 10                      Lake Mendota                             Marshall Park                                   First Safe Light

*Aug. 24                      Lake Monona                                  Olin Park                                         First Safe Light

             *Open Tournament - No Membership Necessary - Stars and Stripes Points Allowed*

Current Standings

Current Standings

Division Winner Based on Best 5 Events
Current Big Bass Overall

Current Big Stringer

June 15

June 15 Results Open

June 22

June 22 Results Open

July 6

July 6 Results Open

July 20

July 20 Results Open

August 10

August 10 Results Open

August 24

August 24 Results Open

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