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2024 Division 3 Lake Calumet

Entry Fee

*Includes Big Bass Pot
$20.00 Ramp Fee
6 Qualifying Events
1 Open Event (No Membership Necessary)

Plus Divisional Championship

Plus Divisional Angler of the Year

Director:  Mark Stewart (815) 258-8864

Lake Calumet Team

Bass Fishing Tournaments

Join Stars and Stripes and to become the hometown hero of Lake Calumet. We launch our tournaments out of the Waterfront Pub in Burnham, Illinois. Fish 5 events as a team to qualify for the Tournament of Champions with a $13,000 prize to 1st place team!

Lake Calumet Off Limits
The only lock that boats are allowed to go through is the O'Brien Lock. All other locks are off limits.

Lake Michigan is off limits. Boats can go up to and fish the last slip before the lake. No boats are allowed passed that last slip

The inside area on both bulk heads of O'Brien Lock are off limits

All other areas are legal to fish unless posted otherwise.

Green shaded areas in photos to the right are off limits.

Off Limits the Thursday and Friday Before Event!!!
Only Non-Piercing Cull Tags Allowed!!!
Lake Calumet Bass Tournaments
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Divisional Championship

October 5, 2024
Must Fish 3 To Qualify

Entry Fee:

5 Tournaments Fished - $120

4 Tournaments Fished - $140

3 Tournaments Fished - $160

Lake Calumet Bass Tournaments

Waterfront Pub

14042 S Croissant Dr
Chicago, IL 60633

Off Limits the Thursday and Friday before Event!!!

2024 Division 3 Schedule of Events Lake Calumet


   Date                                  Launch                                       Location                         Start Time

 April 20                    Waterfront Pub Launch                 Burnham, IL                 First Safe Light


 May 25                     Waterfront Pub Launch                 Burnham, IL                 First Safe Light

 June 22                   Waterfront Pub Launch                 Burnham, IL                 First Safe Light

 July 20                     Waterfront Pub Launch                 Burnham, IL                 First Safe Light 

 Aug. 17                    Waterfront Pub Launch                 Burnham, IL                 First Safe Light  

 *Sept. 14                 Waterfront Pub Launch                 Burnham, IL                 First Safe Light

            *Open Tournament - Stars and Stripes Points Allowed - No Membership Fee*

 **Sept. 29              Waterfront Pub Launch                  Burnham, IL.               First Safe Light

                                    **Divisional Championship - Must fish 3 to qualify**

                                                      Divisional Championship Entry Fee

           Fish 5 Qualifying Events $120 - Fish 4 Qualifying Events $140 - Fish 3 Qualifying Events $160

Oct. 5 Results

Divisional Championship Fund
Number of Boats X $6.00

Anglers of the Year Fund
Number of Boats X $4.00

Current Standings

Current Standings
Division Winner Based on Best 5 Events

Current Big Bass Overall
Frank Monnett
5.09 Pounds

Current Bi
g Stringer
Frank Monnett
18.45 Pounds

April 20

April 20 Results

May 25

May 25 Results

June 22

June 22 Results

July 20

July 20 Results 

August 17

August 17 Results

September 14

Sept. 14 Results (Open)
"**" - Non Member

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