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Midwest Synthetics is an Authorized AMSOIL Dealer servicing thousands of AMSOIL customers across the United States and Canada; Founded in 2006, by owner Dan Nimtz, with the primary purpose of educating customers about the quality and benefits of using synthetic lubricants and providing every customer the opportunity to purchase AMSOIL products at wholesale prices.We are a Direct Sales company offering lubrication solutions to our customers & accounts with an emphasis on customer service.  We offer several Wholesale Account options available to businesses & individuals of all kinds who wish to use and/or sell AMSOIL Products.  Through the combination of our Retail Store & Warehouse conveniently located in Edwardsburg, Michigan, and 13 strategically located regional warehouses throughout North America, we ensure orders arrive as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.Contact us today and let’s have a conversation regarding your lubrication needs.

Your AMSOIL Servicing Dealer,

Dan Nimtz
AMSOIL Sales & Distribution  
Midwest Synthetics LLC
Edwardsburg, MI
Ph. 574-514-9447

Amsoil Synthetic Oil in Edwardsburg, MI | Midwest Synthetics Llc

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Str8-Up Mounts provides you with the most durable and economical graph mount for all of your needs without breaking the bank. Made from .25-inch-thick marine gr