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About Us


Our Mission

Stars and Stripes mission is to provide the opportunity for fishermen of all levels and walks of life to compete in team bass fishing tournaments on their local waters which will qualify them to compete in an end of season Championship. Current touring professionals (Bass Elites, FLW, MLF Pros are not eligible to fish).


Our Vision

Our vision is to provide credible competitive events where that the average angler knows he has a fair and equal chance to win and to offer the average angler the opportunity to participate in a Major Bass Fishing Championship. Our goal one day is to offer a new boat to the winners of the Tournament of Champions.

Our Values

We value our Veterans and offer all Veterans, Policemen, and Fireman half off membership (Must show proof) to show our appreciation. We value conservation and make every effort to release every fish alive.

Membership and Fees

Annual membership is $40.00 per adult ($20.00 for Veterans, Policemen, and Fireman) and free membership to youth under 18 before March 1st of every season. Membership allows the right to fish any Stars and Stripes tournaments for that season.

Tournament Entry Fees: See individual Divisions, entry fees vary based on location. Big bass pot is included in all entries. Optional side pots are available in most Divisions.


Stars and Stripes offers both open and members only tournaments. Open tournaments allow anglers to fish a Stars and Stripes tournament to see what we are about.

Members only tournaments offer many opportunities that non-members don't get.

Members can fish a minimum of 5 Divisional tournaments to qualify for the year end Championship. Members also have a chance to win other awards and prizes that are not available to non-members.



Teams consist of two persons. All teams that fish a minimum of 5 events will qualify for the year end Championship and Regional.

Teams must fish a minimum of 3 events together, allowing that team to either fish 2 events alone or use a sub. (Sub will pay a $10.00 Fee) (If Sub is a currant Stars and Stripes member then no $10.00 fee).

We will allow singles to be considered a team, of course we encourage team participation but understand things happen and finding a partner is not always possible.

Tournament Points

Place Points

150 points for 1st

145 points for 2nd

140 points for 3rd and so on until the last place team.

***Any Team that Blanks (Doesn't weight any fish) will receive ZERO Points***

Weight Points

1 Point per Pound of Fish Weight

Example: 12.56 pounds would be 12.56 weight points

Total Tournament Points

This is the Teams total points earned by adding the Place Points and Weight Points together.

Example: Team finishes in 3rd with 8.76 pounds

140 points for 3rd plus 8.76 weight points = total points of 148.76 points.

Angler of the Year

Divisions With More Than 5 Qualifying Events - Only The Best 5 Scores For Each Team Will Be Used.

The top team in total points in any division that averages less than 14 entries will qualify.

The top two teams in total points in any division that averages 14 to 24 entries will qualify.

The top three teams in total points in any division that averages 25 to 34 entries will qualify.

The top four teams in total points in any division that averages over 35 entries will qualify.

The winner will be determined by the highest finishing team in the Tournament of Champions from the list of qualified teams.

The Anglers of the Year will be awarded $500 and 2 plaques.

Championship and Regional

Must fish a minimum of 5 Divisional tournaments, doesn't have to be all from same Division 

Open tournaments count towards the 5 qualifying events.

Must be a member of Stars and Stripes (Just fishing open tournaments doesn't qualify)

Our goal is to pay $13,000.00 to the Championship winner (Based on 950 total paid entries throughout all Divisions over the course of the season).

Additional awards given out at the Championship will be

1.) Angler of the Year award (Cash prize and 2 plaques)

2.) Highest finishing team with a Veteran, Policeman, or Fireman. (Cash prize and 2 plaques)

3.) Highest finishing CO-ED team. (Cash Prize)

5.) Highest finishing team with a youth (Under 18 by March 1st of that year)(Cash prize)

6.) Second place and third place will also receive plaques.

7.) Smallest 5 fish limit each day.

8.) Highest finishing Directors (Cash prize and 2 plaques).

9.) Outstanding Director Award.

10.) Outstanding Member Award.

11.) Most Seasoned Angler.

12.) Big Bass Award.

Becoming a Director

Stars and Stripes is looking for Directors. If you are interested in running a Division on your favorite waters please contact us.

Randy Forszt

(219) 921-6375

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