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Match The Bass Challenge
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Match The Bass Weight
Part 1

2.76 Pounds
Current Teams To Match The Bass
Or Closest To Without
Going Over (Part 1)
                     Team                              Weight
Carter Wijangco / Jake Gaston                    2.74
Greg Mukosey / Joe Mukosey                       2.74

Match The Bass Weight
Part 2

Starts July 1, 2024
* Pay Online *
Match The Bass Challenge 
This is a fun and exciting challenge with the opportunity to win a very nice cash prize for only a $20.00 buy-in for the season!!!
How this Challenge Works
1.) Part 1 goes from Oct. 21, 2023 - June 30, 2024
2.) Part 2 goes from July 1, 2024 - Sept. 18, 2024
3.) it's $10 per part or $20 to sign up for entire season.
4.) At weigh-in you must select only one of your bass              for the Tournament Director to weigh, must be alive          (No dead fish can be weighed for this). The object of           this challenge is to match the selected weight                     without going over.
5.) Preferred method is to pay online (easier to keep                track of - but you can pay at the tournament).
4.) For only $10.00 there is an opportunity to win a nice        payout.
      Example: 100 Teams sign up that's $1000.00 in pot            even if 3 teams hit the exact weight that's still                    $333.00 dollars to each winning team!!!
5.) If no teams hit the exact weight by the end of the                challenge round, then the team closest to without              going over will win.
Number of Teams Currently Signed up for part 1 of the challenge

Part 2
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