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2024 Division 15 
Pine Lake and Maxi

Entry Fee

*Includes Big Bass

Optional Side Pot $20 - 100% Paid Back

6 Qualifying Events

2 Open Events

Randy Forszt (219) 921-6375
Dwayne Wilda (574) 315-7893

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2024 Schedule of Events Division 15 Pine & Maxi

   Date           Body of Water                       Ramp                       Location                       Start  Time

*April 20             Pine Lake                        Stone Lake Ramp              LaPorte, IN.                      First Safe Light

 May 18               Pine Lake                        Stone Lake Ramp              LaPorte, IN.                       First Safe Light

 June 22           Maxinkuckee                         DNR Ramp                       Culver, IN.                        First Safe Light

 July 20               Pine Lake                        Stone Lake Ramp              LaPorte, IN.                       First Safe Light

 August 17      Maxinkuckee                          DNR Ramp                       Culver, IN.                        First Safe Light

*Sept. 7           Maxinkuckee                          DNR Ramp                       Culver, IN.                        First Safe Light

           * Open Tournament - No Membership Necessary - Stars and Stripes Member Points Allowed

Current Standings

Current Standings

Division Winner Based on Best 5

April 20 Results Open

"**" After Name Mean Non-Member
"MTB" - Match The Bass
Current Big Bass Overall
Bradley Eaton / Branden Eaton
5.07 Pounds

Current Big Stringer
Bradley Eaton / Branden Eaton
21.41 Pounds

April 20

April 20 Results Open

May 18

May 18 Results

June 22

June 22 Results

July 20

July 20 Results

Sept. 7 Results (Open)

"**" After Name Mean Non-Member
"MTB" - Match The Bass
August 17

August 17 Results

Sept. 7

Sept. 7 Results Open

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