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2024 Division 6 
Geist Reservoir 

Entry Fee
*Includes 1st & 2nd Big Bass
$40 Optional Side Pot 100% Paid Back
6 Qualifying Events

All Open Events!!!

Go For The Gold $400 Entry!!!
June 1

Justin Rutledge (317) 281-9670

Special Rules For Stars and Stripes Geist Tournaments

Procedures for Geist Events!!!


-If possible, have your entry paperwork already filled out. If possible, you can pay for your memberships online so that we don’t have the need to take care of that at the ramp.


-If you don’t have one filled out, I will have them. Please take one and go to your vehicle to fill it out. (Please Print Clearly)


-One team member will bring up the money. I will draw a chip and give you your boat number. I have a call boat chip. If that chip isn’t drawn, the last boat will be the call boat.


-There will not be a meeting at the ramp. I will print rules and give entrants a copy.

Justin Rutledge

1.) 5 Fish Limit - 14" Size Limit. At no point are you allowed to have more than 5 fish in your livewell.  

2.)  The Use of Penetrating Culling Tags are not permitted.

3.)  You can only use the weigh in bags that are designated for the event by the director. No other bags will be allowed.

4.)  No culling dead fish.

5.)  If a short fish is presented to the director at weigh-in that short fish and the largest fish in that bag will be culled by the director prior to the bag being weighed. 

2024 Schedule of Events Division 6 Geist Reservoir

  Date                               Ramp                             Location                            Time

***All Events are "Open Events" Membership is Required to Fish the Tournament of Champions and the Regionals***

*April 7                   Olio Road Ramp                Fishers, IN                 First Safe Light

**June 1                Olio Road Ramp                Fishers, IN                 First Safe Light

**Go For The Gold - $400 Entry (Open) Stars and Stripes Points Awarded**

*June 23               Olio Road Ramp                Fishers, IN                 First Safe Light

*July 14                Olio Road Ramp                Fishers, IN                 First Safe Light

*Aug. 4                 Olio Road Ramp                Fishers, IN                 First Safe Light

*Aug. 25               Olio Road Ramp                Fishers, IN                 First Safe Light

*Open Tournament - No Membership Necessary - Stars and Stripes  Points Awarded

Current Standings

Current Standings

Division Winner Based on Best 5 Events (Must be a Member to Win Division)

Only Members Receive Points In Overall Standing

Current Big Bass Overall

Current Big Stringer

Jim Hardie / Jim Heneghan III
13.54 Pounds

April 7

April 7 (Open)

Any Non-Member can pay membership either on-line or at the next tournament to receive credit for fishing this Event. Only members receive points towards the final standing and Division winner. The Division winner gets to compete for AOY at the Championship!!! Only Members qualify to fish Lake Saint Clair to compete for $13,000.
June 1

Go For The Gold June 1 (Open)

June 23

June 23 (Open)

July 14

July 14 (Open)

August 4

August 4 (Open)

August 25

August 25 (Open)

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