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2024 Tournament of Champions
September 20 & 21
Lake Saint Clair, MI.
Selfridge Ramp

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Want to welcome everyone to Our Third Championship
at beautiful Lake Saint Clair
Special thanks to Our Sponsors
Str8-Up Mounts
Starboard Choice Marine
Turning Point Propeller
Rowdy Buzz Lures
Xtreme Bass Tackle
NWI Tournament Baits
Totally Hooked Lake House
Bone Fish Tackle
Entry Form
On Site Payback
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Registration - Thursday 3:15 - 4:30pm
Weigh-in is also same spot as registration
Boat Check Friday and Saturday morning starting at 6:00am - Follow the red path. After boat check, launch boat and tie off to wall.
2024 Tournament of Champions Information

Lake Saint Clair offers many places to stay, that are fisherman friendly to accommodate boats.

Tournament Information

1.) Pre-Tournament registration will be on Thursday, Sept. 19 from 3:15PM - 4:30PM, Quick Meeting to follow after Registration.

(Must be off the water by 3:00PM on Thursday Sept. 19)

      This is mandatory - This is where you will register, fill out official entry and be given a                              written copy of the rules and your pie plate.

(Location of meeting - Selfridge Ramp, at trailer - Launch Site)

2.) Entry Fee: $260.00 on-line. (Deadline to pay on-line September 16) - Link is at the top of every              page.

3.)  PRE-TOURNAMENT PRACTICE FOR TOC: Championship Week starts Sunday Sept. 15th.                         Starting September 1st. through Tournament Week NO GUIDES can be used. Guides are                           permitted prior to September 1st. Due to other Championships and BFL Super Tournaments

       there will not be any off-limits for practice.

4.) Must fish a minimum of 5 qualifying events, doesn't have to be all from the same Division. 

      Open tournaments count towards the 5 qualifying events, must be a member of Stars and Stripes.

5.) Launch site and weigh-in will be at the Selfridge Ramp

6.) Off-Limits Area: Lake Erie is off-limits for this Tournament - Thats everything South of Elizabeth                                           Park. Detroit River North of Elizabeth Park, St. Clair, St. Clair River, Lake Huron                                           are all open to fish.

Additional Information

1.) Must be a member of Stars and Stripes (Just fishing open tournaments doesn't qualify)

      $13,000.00 to the Championship winner (Based on 950 total entries throughout the season).

2.) Our Goal is to be able to increase the $13,000.00 for first place as well as increase the

      amounts paid out from 2nd place on down each season.

      Additional Awards given out at the Championship will be

1.) Highest finishing team with a Str8-Up Mount on boat - $500.00

2.) Angler of the Year award (Cash prize $500.00 and 2 plaques)

3.) Highest finishing team with a Veteran, Policeman, or Fireman (Cash prize based on number of               entries and 2 plaques)

4.) Highest finishing CO-ED team. (Cash Prize based on number of entries)

5.) Highest finishing team with a youth (Under 18 by March 1st of that year)(Cash prize based                      on number of entries.

6.) Oldest Angler - $50.00

7.) Highest finishing Director team (Cash Prize based on number of entries)

8.) Smallest 5 fish limit each day (Cash Prize based on number of entries)

9.) Second place and third place will also receive plaques.

10.) Several teams that DO NOT CASH (PLACE) in the tournament will be randomly drawn to                          win $50.00 (How many teams is based on number of entries)

11.) Turning Point Propellers has donated a prop to be given away.

12.) Rowdy Buzz Lures has donated many buzzbaits.

13.) Power-Pole has donated items to be given away.

14.) Bone Fish Tackle Has Donated Tackle Packs.

15.) Str8-Up Mounts is paying $500.00 to the highest finishing team with a Str8-Up Mount.

16.) NWI Tournament Baits is donating baits to be given away.

17.) Plus other prizes and awards!!!

Until 2024
Tournament of Champions

Boat Draw - Day 1
Day 2 - Is Reverse Order Of Day 1
Randy Forszt / DeWayne Wilda - Start Boat Both Days

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