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Top 100 bass lakes of 2014 | Bassmaster

Number 57
Lake Michigan, Indiana

43 miles of shoreline
Indiana has the smallest share of this lake compared to any other U.S. state that borders it. That said, the state’s recent shoreline development (riprap and breakwaters) has launched great smallie fishing.

2022 Division 1 Lake Michigan 

Entry Fee
Optional Side Pot $80.00 - 100% Pay Back

*Includes Big Bass

6 Qualifying Events
1 Divisional Championship
Over 88% Paid Back Through The Division When Including Side Pot

Director: Joe Quick (815) 263-5491

Lake Michigan Bass fishing Tournaments
Stars & Stripes 3 concept Logos-02.jpg
2022 Divisional Championship
Must Fish 3 Events to Qualify
3 Events Fished Entry - $120
4 Events Fished - $110
5 Events Fished - $100

Tournaments will be postponed and rescheduled any time there are small craft warnings or advisories

or if in the discretion of the director the conditions are unsafe.

Marks Props.png

2022 Schedule of Events Division 1 Lake Michigan

    Date                         Body of Water                       Ramp                             Location                        Start Time

*April 10                   Lake Michigan              Pastrick Marina             East Chicago, IN.           First Safe Light

May 14                       Lake Michigan              Pastrick Marina             East Chicago, IN.           First Safe Light

June 5                        Lake Michigan              Pastrick Marina             East Chicago, IN.           First Safe Light

July 16                       Lake Michigan              Pastrick Marina             East Chicago, IN.           First Safe Light

August 6                   Lake Michigan               Pastrick Marina             East Chicago, IN.           First Safe Light

*August 27               Lake Michigan               Pastrick Marina             East Chicago, IN.           First Safe Light

**Oct. 16                 Lake Michigan               Pastrick Marina             East Chicago, IN.           First Safe Light
                   **(Divisional Championship)**

* Open tournament - No membership Required - Stars and Stripes points allowed
October 16 Results

Divisional Championship Fund
$6.00 From Every Paid Entry From Regular Season

Current Standings

Current Standings
Division Winner Is
Based On Best 5 Events

Current Big Bass Overall
Jeff Miller / Al Huhra
6.46 Pounds

Current Big Stringer
Mike Myers / Jeff Sanders
22.12 Pounds

April 10

April 10 Results

Since the Singles Event got moved to April 10th and Stars was having an Open Event, we decided to combine both Events. Stars members agreed to a 3 fish limit so all could compete.
"**" Means Single - Non Member
Non-Members can join and pay membership on-line or at next tournament to receive credit for the April 10th Event.
May 14

May 14 Results

June 5 Results

June 5

July 16 Results

July 16

August 6 Results

August 6

August 27 Open Results

August 27

Oct. 16 Divisional Championship

Oct 16
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