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2022 Division 10 Wolf Lake 
Hammond, IN

Entry Fee
*$100 Includes Big Bass
6 Qualifying Events
1 Open Event
Optional Side Pot $50 - 100% Payback
Over 87% Onsite Payback when
Including Side Pot

Director: John Valles

(317) 518-2072

Marks Props.png
Wolf Lake has a special sponsor - RV Total Property Services!!!
Contact - Richard Valles - 219-808-4038 for a free quote!!! Cleaning, Landscaping, Grass, or any of your home needs!!!

One lucky team at each scheduled event will receive free entry!!!
How this will work - you must first sign up and pay your entry that morning, then after weight-in, all teams except the winning team will be put into a random draw. This does not include any memberships or side pots!!!
Bass Fishing Wolf Lake

2022 Schedule of Events Division 10 Wolf Lake

   Date                        Launch                                   Location                      Start Time

 April 23            Wolf Lake Park Launch                    Hammond, IN                 First Safe Light

 April 30            Wolf Lake Park Launch                    Hammond, IN                 First Safe Light

 May 14            Wolf Lake Park Launch                     Hammond, IN                 First Safe Light

 May 29            Wolf Lake Park Launch                     Hammond, IN                 First Safe Light

 June 11          Wolf Lake Park Launch                     Hammond, IN                 First Safe Light

*June 25          Wolf Lake Park Launch                     Hammond, IN                 First Safe Light


       * Open Tournament - No Membership Necessary - Stars and Stripes Points Allowed               

Current Standigs

Current Standings

Current Big Bass Overall
Eric Damjanovic / Del Stout
3.84 Pounds

Current Big Stringer
Jeff Kamaraski / Ryan Yoos
13.81 Pounds

April 23

April 23 Results

April 30

April 30 Results

May 14

May 14 Results

May 29

May 29 Results

June 11

June 11 Results

June 25

June 25 Results (Open)

"**" After name - Non Member
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