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Lake Calumet Team

Bass Fishing Tournaments

Join Angler's Dream and "Fish the Dream" to become the hometown hero of Lake Calumet. We launch our tournaments out of the Waterfront Pub in Burnham, Illinois. Fish 5 events as a team to qualify for the Tournament of Champions with a $10,000 prize to 1st place team!

New Bigger and Better Payback

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Sample 15 Boat Payback
1st Place $1080         2nd Place $355
3rd Place $140           Big Bass $150
Lake Calumet Bass Tournaments

2020 Division 3 Lake Calumet

Entry Fee

*Includes 1st & 2nd Big Bass
6 Qualifying Events
Divisional Championship 145% Payback

Tournament of Champions 180% Payback


Director:  Stan Zatorski (219-512 6581)

Lake Calumet
Angler of the Year
Mark Stewart 
Bill Bean

2020 Schedule of Events Division 3

          Date                                            Ramp                                  Location                     Start  Time                  


April 25                           Waterfront Pub Ramp                  Burnham, IL                   First Safe Light


May 16                             Waterfront Pub Ramp                  Burnham, IL                   First Safe Light  

June 6                               Waterfront Pub Ramp                  Burnham, IL                   First Safe Light

June 27                            Waterfront Pub Ramp                  Burnham, IL                   First Safe Light

July 11                             Waterfront Pub Ramp                  Burnham, IL                   First Safe Light

August 8                         Waterfront Pub Ramp                   Brunham, IL                   First Safe Light

September 19                Waterfront Pub Ramp                    Burnham, IL                  First Safe Light

Postponed Due Conflict With the Tournament of Champions Make Up Date To Be Announced
                                        Lake Calument Championship - Must fish 4 Qualify

Divisional Championship Fund
Number of Boats X $6.00


Anglers of the Year Fund
Number of Boats X $4.00


Lake Calumet
Divisional Championship Winners
Duncan Kopp-Richardson
Marcus LuMays
Current Standings
May 16
June 6
June 27
July 11
August 8
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