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2023 Division 12 
Kosciusko County

Entry Fee

*Includes Big Bass
Optional Side Pot $20 - 100% Paid B
6 Qualifying Events
1 Open Event



Scott Bradford (765) 251-1993

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2023 Schedule of Events Division 12 Kosciusko County

   Date               Body of Water                  Ramp                      Location                     Start  Time

 April 29                   Wawasee                              DNR                          Syracuse, IN                  First Safe Light

 May 13               Tippecanoe Lake            Pie Eyed Petes                Leesburg, IN                  First Safe Light

*June 3                   Barbie Chain                       Kuhn                       North Webster, IN            First Safe Light

 June 17                    Winona                                DNR                            Warsaw, IN                   First Safe Light


 July 8                       Webster                               DNR                      North Webster, IN            First Safe Light

 Aug. 5                      Dewart                                 DNR                          Leesburg, IN.                  First Safe Light


                 *Open Tournament - No Membership Necessary - Stars and Stripes Points Allowed     

Current Standings

Current Standings
Division Winner Based On Best 5 Events

Current Big Bass Overall
Steve Kline
5.34 Pounds

Current Big Stringer

Steve Kline
21.95 Pounds

April 29

April 29 Results
"MTB" = Match The Bass

May 13

May 13 Results

June 3

June 3 Results (Open)
"**" After Name = Non-Member

June 17

June 17 Results

July 8

July 8 Results

August 5

August 5 Results

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