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Top 100 bass lakes of 2014 | Bassmaster

Number 57
Lake Michigan, Indiana

43 miles of shoreline
Indiana has the smallest share of this lake compared to any other U.S. state that borders it. That said, the state’s recent shoreline development (riprap and breakwaters) has launched great smallmouth fishing.

2023 Division 1 Lake Michigan 

Entry Fee
Optional Side Pot $80.00 - 100% Pay Back

*Includes Big Bass

7 Qualifying Events
***Directors Pay Entry***
Over 88% Paid Back Onsite When Including Side Pot!!!

Director: Brody Hulen (812) 929-7713
Rich Hulen (812) 929-7443

Lake Michigan Bass fishing Tournaments

Tournaments will be postponed and rescheduled any time there are small craft warnings or advisories

or if in the discretion of the director the conditions are unsafe.

This year Bishop Investing Group is sponsoring the Lake Michigan Division by donating all the plaques. There will be 2 first place plaques for each Event and 2 Division winners plaques. Please click on Icon to visit their website.
Lake Michigan has a possession limit of 3 black bass per person. In order to bring more than 3 fish to the scales for weigh in, BOTH members must be present!!!

2023 Schedule of Events Division 1 Lake Michigan
***If Bad weather / wind on tournament day, make up day will be that Sunday***
***Directors Pay Entry For Each Event***

Registration is from 5:00am - 5:45am with meeting and boat draw to follow

    Date                         Body of Water                       Ramp                             Location                        Start Time

*April 2                      Lake Michigan             Pastrick Marina             East Chicago, IN.           First Safe Light
      ***Tournament was moved to Sunday because of wind*** **Originally scheduled for April 1st.**

 April 22                    Lake Michigan              Pastrick Marina             East Chicago, IN.           First Safe Light

May 6                         Lake Michigan              Pastrick Marina             East Chicago, IN.           First Safe Light

May 20                      Lake Michigan              Pastrick Marina             East Chicago, IN.           First Safe Light

June 3                       Lake Michigan              Pastrick Marina             East Chicago, IN.           First Safe Light

June 17                    Lake Michigan               Pastrick Marina             East Chicago, IN.          Safe Light - 2PM

*Sept. 2                   Lake Michigan               Pastrick Marina             East Chicago, IN.           First Safe Light

* Open tournament - No membership Required - Stars and Stripes points allowed
Current Standings

Current Standings
Division Winner will be based on best 5 Events

Current Big Bass Overall
Tom Baxa / Zachary Beketic
6.38 Pounds

Current Big Stringer

Larry Fenzau / Tony Flores
20.80 Pounds

April 2

April 2 Results (Open)
MTB - Match The Bass
"**" Non-Member

Non - Members can pay membership by next tournament to receive points.
April 22

April 22 Results

May 6 Results

May 6

 May 20 Results

May 20
May 20 Results.jpg

June 3 Results

June 3

June 17 Results

June 17
August 26

Sept. 2 Results OPEN

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