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2017 Division 4 
Lake Calumet /Lake Michigan 

Entry Fee

*Includes 1st & 2nd Big Bass
Over 75% Payback at the Ramp

Tournament of Champions 180% Payback


Join Angler's Dream and "Fish the Dream" to become the hometown hero of Lake Calumet/Lake Michigan Winter Tournament Series. We launch our tournaments out of the Waterfront Pub in Burnham, Illinois. Fish 5 events as a team to qualify for the Tournament of Champions with a $10,000 prize to 1st place team!

Lake Calumet/Lake Michigan Bass Fishing

Lake Michigan will be off limits any time there are small warnings or advisories

or if in discretion of the director conditions are unsafe.

2017 Schedule of Events

          Date                                            Ramp                                  Location                     Start  Time             


November 27, 2016            Waterfront Pub Ramp               Burnham, IL                   6:45am


December 3, 2016               Waterfront Pub Ramp               Burnham, IL                  7:00am   


March 4, 2017                      Waterfront Pub Ramp               Burnham, IL                  7:15am 

March 18, 2017                    Waterfront Pub Ramp               Burnham, IL                  6:15am


April 1, 2017                         Waterfront Pub Ramp               Burnham, IL                  6:30am

Nov 27

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Dec. 3
Lake Calumet/Lake Michigan Bass Fishing
March 4
March 19
April 1
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