Lake Michigan will be off limits any time there are small craft warnings or advisories

or if in discretion of the director conditions are unsafe.

2019 Division 4 
Lake Calumet /Lake Michigan 

Entry Fee
*Includes 1st & 2nd Big Bass

 Divisional Championship Fee
Over 75% Payback at the Ramp

Tournament of Champions 180% Payback

Director: Stan Zatorski (219) 512-6581


Join Angler's Dream and "Fish the Dream" to become the hometown hero of Lake Calumet/Lake Michigan Winter Tournament Series. We launch our tournaments out of the Waterfront Pub in Burnham, Illinois. Fish 5 events as a team to qualify for the Tournament of Champions with a $10,000 prize to 1st place team!

Next Tournament 
November 10th

Lake Calumet/Lake Michigan Bass Fishing

2018 - 2019 Schedule of Events

          Date                                            Ramp                                  Location                     Start  Time                  Results 


 October 20, 2018                  Waterfront Pub Ramp               Burnham, IL                   7:10am

                     Open Tournament - No Membership Required - Nomads Points Awarded 


November 10, 2018               Waterfront Pub Ramp               Burnham, IL                   6:30am   

November 17, 2018               Waterfront Pub Ramp               Burnham, IL                   6:45am 

December 1, 2018                 Waterfront Pub Ramp               Burnham, IL                   7:00am

December 15, 2018               Waterfront Pub Ramp               Burnham, IL                   7:15am

March 16, 2019                      Waterfront Pub Ramp               Brunham, IL                   7:00am

March 30, 2019                      Waterfront Pub Ramp               Burnham, IL                   6:30am

                                                                  Divisional Championship

Divisional Championship Entry Fee
Teams That Fished 5 Events of More $100

Teams That Fished 4 Events $120

Teams That Fished 3 Events $130

Teams That Fished 2 Events $150

Divisional Championship Prize Fund
Number of Boats That Participated During the Year X $10.00

Open Tournament Not Including

Plus The Entry Fee Money For The Singles Championship

Championship Fund To Date $0.00

Divisional Championship PayBack
2 to 5 Entries - First Place 60 % - Second Place 40%

6 To 10 Entries - First Place 50% - Second Place - 30% Third Place 

11 Entries or More - First Place 50% - Second Place 25% - Third Place 15% - Fourth Place 10%

Championship Fund To Date $0.00