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Special Event!!!
Stars and Stripes Summer Brawl
2-Day Event
July 15 & 16
Des Plaines / Kankakee
Big Basin Ramp $400 Team Entry
Optional $50 Big Bass Pot

First Annual Summer Brawl
2 - Day Event!!!

Come join us for Stars and Stripes Summer Brawl on the Des Plaines River, this is a 2-day event! This Event is open to everyone, members will receive points for their best day out of two, there will be door prize give aways and free food on Saturday.
Our vision for this Event is to bring the best of the best around to win a considerable amount of money, with everything considered this Event is paying back over 100%. We will make sure it's a great time for all with give aways, prizes, raffles, and food. On Saturday, after weigh-in, everyone will get free food that Stars and Stripes will provide.

Starting Order: Boat # will be based on the order of entries received. Day 2 starting order will be based on how you place in day 1, example if you are in 3rd place after day 1 then you are boat #3 on day 2.

Entry fee: $415.00 per team (Online Payment) $400.00 per team if mailing a check (Received by July 7th).
                     $420.00 per team if paying at ramp.
                     Pay online no later than July 12th. (Will except $50 deposit with balance due by July 12th.)
Optional Big Bass Pot: $50.00 ($25.00 Each Day) Will pay big largemouth and big smallmouth each day.

Ramp: Big Basin
Registration: Starts at 4:00am and ends at 4:50am.
Pre-Tournament meeting: 5:00am. 

Tournament Hours:  5:30AM - 1:30PM
Rules: 2023 Rules can be found at the top of the page. Each team is expected to read and understand the rules!!!
Off Limits: Tournament waters are off limits starting July 14th. at Midnight through the start of the Event.
A polygraph test (On site) will be mandatory for winners!!!
All participants will walk away with some sort of prize/give away.

***Pre-paid entries must be made on-line before July 12th.***
All persons / teams that "Cash a Check" in this event will fill out a W-9 Form.

We will except entries the morning of the Event but entry goes to $420.
By Signing the entry form you agree to let Stars and Stripes use any photos that are taken.

What to expect: Polygraph the winners
                                Additional cash prize to our Hometown Heros (Any team with a Veteran, Policemen, or                                                  Firemen) (Minimum of 20 entries to receive cash prize).

                                Free door prizes and raffle give aways.
                                Free food on Saturday


1st. Place
Basscat & Nick Baudino
2nd. Place
Maciek Chmielewski & Trey Budach
3rd. Place
Neal Zola & Josh Vanderwall

Results Summer Brawl

"**" After Name - Non Member
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