Next Tournament

 September 9th 

Lake Erie Qualifying Event

Entry Fee $140

Membership $40 per Man

Special Notice:

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are making some needed changes to the Anglers Dream 2018 Lake Erie Division 14. Our September 9th tournament is still on track. We are canceling the tournaments on the 22,and 23 of September and will have an additional tournament on the 16th of September. If you are short on points for the Tournament of Champions, you can pay an extra $20 at the September 16th tournament and receive double points. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, but we hope this will allow everyone to get the required tournaments and points to attend the championship. Thank you for you continued support and understanding.

Larry Martz

2018 Division 14 Lake Erie

Entry Fee

*Includes 1st & 2nd Big Bass
75% Payback at the Ramp

Tournament of Champions 180% Payback