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2022 Tournament of Champions
September 23 & 24
La Crosse, WI.
Mississippi River
Pools 7, 8, and 9

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Want to thank everyone that attended and also thank those that helped out at weigh-in!!!
Special thanks to Our Sponsors
Mark's Performance Props
Turning Point Propeller
Rowdy Buzz Lures
Xtreme Bass Tackle
Total of 36 teams came to La Crosse to compete for the $10,000 first place prize, in the end Stars and Stripes paid out over $22,325 in cash, give aways, and plaques.
2022 TOC 1st. Place.jpg
First Place
John Valles / Joe Valles
2022 TOC 2nd. Place.jpg
Second Place
Greg Kiser / Joe Morris
2022 TOC 3rd. Place.jpg
Third Place
Braiden Arnett / Joey Kogut
2022 TOC 4th. Place.jpg
Fourth Place
Jeff Komarowski / Ryan Yoos
2022 TOC 5th. Place.jpg
Fifth Place
Jeff Miller / Al Huhra
2022 TOC 6th. Place.jpg
Sixth Place
Rich Michalec / Jim Scheel
2022 TOC AOY.jpg
Angler of the Year
Greg Kiser / Joe Morris
2022 TOC Hometown Heros.jpg
Hometown Heroes
John Valles / Joe Valles
2022 TOC Big Bass.jpg
Big Bass Overall
Braiden Arnett / Joey Kogut
2022 TOC Pic3.png
Braiden Arnett / Joey Kogut
Big Bass Overall 4.86
2022 TOC Payout.jpg
2022 TOC
Stars and Stripes is excited to announce that we're headed to the Mississippi River in La Crosse, WI. for Our first ever Tournament of Champions!!!

Pools 7, 8, and 9 are absolutely amazing. Whatever your style or strength of fishing, you will find it here. Dock fishing, frog fishing, finesse fishing, La Crosse offers all of it. Spotted Bass, Smallmouth, Largemouth.

For those that have never been to the upper Mississippi, we're certain that you'll enjoy this very diverse fishery and the beautiful scenery at the end of the summer.

Look forward to seeing you there!!!
On Site Payback
2022 Tournament of Champions Information

La Crosse offers many places to stay, that are fisherman friendly to accommodate boats.

Tournament Rules

1.) Pre-Tournament meeting and registration will be on Thursday, Sept. 22 from 3:30PM -                    5:30PM (Must be off the water by 3:00PM)

      This is mandatory - This is where you will register, fill out official entry and be given a                    written copy of the rules.

(Location of meeting - Veterans Freedom Park - Launch Site)

2.)  PRE-TOURNAMENT PRACTICE FOR TOC: Tournament waters are off limits starting Sept.             12th. - Sept. 17th. Championship Week starts Sunday Sept. 18th. During the off limits                     and Tournament Week NO GUIDES can be used. Guides are permitted prior to.

3.) Must fish a minimum of 5 Divisional tournaments, doesn't have to be all from same Division. 

      Open tournaments count towards the 5 qualifying events.

4.) Launch site and weigh-in will be at the Veterans Freedom Park off Clinton St.

Additional Information

1.) Must be a member of Stars and Stripes (Just fishing open tournaments doesn't qualify)

      $10,000.00 to the Championship winner.

We Reached Our Goal And Will Pay First Place $10,000

2.) Monies collected toward the Tournament of Champions as well as other monies from the St.          Clair Fishing Party and any Raffles and Sponsor money will be paid out.

      Our Goal is to be able to increase the $10,000.00 for first place as well as increase the

      amounts paid out from 2nd place on down.

      Additional Awards given out at the Championship will be

1.) Angler of the Year award (Cash prize $500.00 and 2 plaques)

2.) Highest finishing team with a Veteran, Policeman, or Fireman (Cash prize based on number        of entries and 2 plaques)

3.) Highest finishing CO-ED team. (Cash Prize based on number of entries)

4.) Highest finishing team with a youth (Under 18 by March 1st of that year)(Cash prize based              on number of entries.

5.) Second place and third place will also receive plaques.

6.) Several teams that DO NOT CASH (PLACE) in the tournament will be randomly drawn to                  win $50.00 (How many teams is based on number of entries)

7.) Turning Point Propellers has donated a prop to be given away.

8.) Rowdy Buzz Lures has donated many buzzbaits.

9.) Mark's Props has donated several free prop repair certificates.

10.) Extreme Bass Tackle has donated several packs of baits.

11.) Power-Pole has donated items to be given away.

Until 2022
Tournament of Champions

Boat Draw - Day 1
Day 2 - Is Reverse Order Of Day 1
Randy Forszt / DeWayne Wilda - Start Boat Both Days

Big Bass Day 1
First Big Bass Braiden Arnett / Joey Kogut 4.86
Second Big Bass Rich Hulen / Brady Hulen 4.06
Big Bass Day 2
First Big Bass James Fowler / Everett Davis 4.53
Second Big Bass John Valles / Joe Valles 3.64
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