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 2018 Division 55 

 Lake Calumet Singles 

Entry Fee

*Includes Big Bass

6 Qualifying Events 

A Division Championship

Singles Championship 180% Payback


Director: PJ Porento (219) 218-9501

2017 Angler of the Year

Rob Tiemans

2017 Divisional Championship Winner

Divisional Championship

A team must fish 5 of the 6 regular events during the season to qualify.


Angler of the Year
Will be decided by the total points received in all six qualifying events. 

Schedule of Events

   Date                                            Ramp                                   Location                           Start  Time      


April 28                             Waterfront Pub Ramp               Burnham, IL                 First Safe Light


May 19                              Waterfront Pub Ramp               Burnham, IL                 First Safe Light


June 10                             Waterfront Pub Ramp               Burnham, IL                 First Safe Light


July 15                               Waterfront Pub Ramp               Burnham, IL                 First Safe Light


August 5                            Waterfront Pub Ramp               Burnham, IL                 First Safe Light


September 22                  Waterfront Pub Ramp              Burnham, IL                  First Safe Light


November 3                      Waterfront Pub Ramp              Burnham, IL                  First Safe Light
   (Divisional Championship - Must fish 5 of 6 Events to qualify - Bad Weather Date November 4th)


                       (Angler of the year will be determined by the most points in all six events)

2018 Lake Calumet Divisional Championship Results
Current Standings
November 3
April 28
May 19
June 10
July 15
August 5
September 22
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